Its all about Donations: Crochet Caps for Cancer Patients

Crochet Kenya is a community based organization whose mission is to share love and show care by creating unique and timeless crochet chemo caps for cancer patients in Kenya. We are a group of 11 members of which 3 of the women members meet at their own time to  crochet beautiful caps, cloches and hats for donating to various hospitals in Nairobi.

We sell other crochet items like cawls, ponchos, scarves, headbands in order to raise money for buying yarn for the chemo caps we plan to donate.

This is how we package the hats we donate. The most important thing is that we try to work in a hygienically safe environment while crocheting. Each completed chemo cap is tagged with an inspirational message from the Bible. This is just another simple way of encouraging those ailing to keep trusting in God.  Our purpose for this project is envisioned in our vision: to show love, care and compassion one stitch at a time.

We believe that providing a crochet artifact like a chemo cap, scarf, bracelet or necklace, cancer pin, to someone undergoing treatment is a not only a simple way of showing them that we care but also a way of uplifting their spirits. These crochet artifacts are a way of saying “we are with you through it all” as we brand each donated item with scripture notes. And of course the bottom-line is to make each patient feel pretty and wholesome in our donated items.

Some of the items we are selling are below:

20140616_090221 Baby sweaters for boys and girls.

IMG-20140725-WA0001 Our famous scarf. We have made this scarf for sale to raise funds for more yarn.

20140708_183319 20140414_093709

20140721_133826[1] More scarves, caps and baby dresses.

We need your support to continue with the cause. What is more important at this point is getting volunteer crocheters because we need to move at a fast pace to fulfill our cause. If you have the time and passion to assist this group, kindly contact one of the people below:

a) Elizabeth Muema – 0721715636 or e-mail

b) Loise Ndunge – 0707074462 or e-mail

This is what we purchased this month to make for donations


May the peace and understanding of the living God be upon you this day.



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