Crochet Kenya Registration approved

Crochet Kenya Reg Certificate (2)

Crochet Kenya is officially recognized by the government of Kenya as a Community Based Organisation.

It has been a long 2 month journey of creating artifacts and selling in order to raise funds for registration and stocking more yarn for donating the crochet caps. And thank God that this journey only took 30 minutes of my time yesterday at the Ngong District Commissioners office, in Kajiado North. I got registered and issued with the certificate within a record time of 30 minutes. That is amazing to see our government work efficiently. Now they need to be paperless. It was a bit tedious going to and fro to the photocopier to make copies whilst all it needs is scan for them to keep records.

In the past two months, we managed to get good support from local kids shops who were ordering baby items like these. Thanks to Robics Baby Clothes and closes friends who ordered baby and adult items….we managed to save and get money to register the CBO.

IMG-20140821-WA0004[1]    2014-08-23 18.07.08[1]   IMG-20140805-WA0000[1]       IMG-20140801-WA0015[1] 20140827_183830[1]

For those who wish to make orders of such beautiful baby items you can contact me 0721715636 or check our facebook page : Crochet Kenya

God bless you all.




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