St. Andrews Tumaini Childrens Home appreciate our gifting

We made another donation to Tumaini Childrens home in Embulbul, Kajiado North county near Ngong town on wednesday 24th Dec. Loise, Tatuu (a volunteer crocheter) and myself were present to donate these lovely hats that we made.

Sample of some of the crochet hats donated

The home has 26 children who are orphaned and HIV+. The crochet
kenya gang decided to donate to these kids simply because the gift of giving doesn’t harm a soul but rather uplifts it.

We unfortunately didnt get any pictures taken because the home has a policy against photography to protect these kids from ill-minded people who take advantage of them to get financial donations but instead pocket the donations. Its sad. However, we still got to do our thing and appreciated the heavenly smiles that each kid gave us.

More hats for donation

For sure, we said that it will not be the last time we see these kids. They made a mark in our hearts.


Thanks to all who once again participated in our venture by sending in crocheted hats and headbands…..I am in awe of all your support.



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