Thankful Hearts and Beautiful Smiles

Volunteers of Crochet Kenya spent an afternoon sharing their time, love and encouraging the ladies who attend Faraja Cancer Center support groups. These ladies were attending the breast cancer survivors support meeting on July 28th 2015.

I met Irene Wanjiru who is a breast cancer survivor. She was with her sister, Nelly Wairimu who has been by her side from the moment she was diagnosed with cancer. Love makes people do extra-ordinary things. For sure Irene mentioned that the journey was long and hard….still is; but her sister never gave up on her.

The gift of good health and restful mind is often searched by many. Walking down the halls of Faraja Cancer Centre, I saw people being treated, others undergoing chemo, others waiting in line just to know their health fate. It made me stop for a minute and pray for peace of heart and mind for each of them whom I saw.



But the ultimate satisfaction of our donation was seeing women, young and old smiling and so excited waiting to be adorned with crochet kenya hats.




All crochet Kenya members and volunteers who attended this donation had the priviledge of meeting the ldies who chose their hats and the most humbling thing was seeing friendships being formed.

For sure, this is not our first nor last donation to the patients who are affiliated with Faraja Cancer Center.



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