The Value of Committed Volunteers

As I reflect on how far Crochet Kenya has grown, I see so much potential and talent and endearing commitmment. I see purpose and love and my heart understands the value of it all.

Late July, we committed to making 300 hats for donation to Kenyatta National Hospital Children’s Ward. The donation is set for 18th September. I have seen members of Crochet Kenya go out of their way to beat this deadline.



We are at 110 hats. All made by dedicated volunteers of Crochet Kenya. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Hilda, Mule, Loise, Rosamarie, Marion, Sharon, Bella, Anita, Violet, Maggie, Mwiitu and her sister Rose, Ursula and all who are crocheting to meet our 300 hats target.

Most of these women have set time apart to make cute little hats for the sick babies we will be going to see soon at the national hospital. They often work in the evenings after work or their day job activities. The dedication and love is inexplicable.

Meanwhile, we have also found wonderful talent by the same ladies….they are aking items they never imagined they would and are quickly becoming experts too.

Sharon made her first dress for an 8 year old.


It looks exactly like the pattern: Flounce dress by Crochet Patterns Galore-

Then Gladys shared some beautiful garments she made for her friend.

Hilda simply loves to make baby blankets and has wowed us all…..we love her determination.



Catherine Mutuku is our new scarf guru.
Rosamarie just cant stop making cute things n linking us up to new. Rochet information. Anita and Desma and Rosa, though far from us. They do srnd in gorgeous hats for donation.
These ladies here are awesome and I thank God for each of them. (And all others who are not in picture).


Liz Muema,
Founder, Crochet Kenya

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