We have donated over 722 hats this far

Since we begun our charity work, we have grown in leaps and bounds. From an initial 10 volunteers in 2014, we now have 35 committed ladies who have totally dedicated their talents and their valuable time to this ministry.

We thank God for all these talented women. I also thank God for the opportunity to meet most of them in person and give them my special thanks.

In September 2015, we held our final donation for the year. We distributed over 322 hats to children at the Kenyatta National hospital children’s ward.




Our new target is to make 1000hats and we are doing a 40hats and 40prayers in 40 days challenge… we are at 400 hats this far!

Thereafter, we had our 4th crochet-a-thon meeting of the year where we discussed ways in which to grow this group. New things are coming along the way.


Tatuu made her first ever cute dress…


We also participated in several events trying to sell our merchandise…Kijiji Festivals, Sitara event thanks to Njeri & Marcus Olang. Our territory is expanding with every exposure.


We also donated to new mothers who attended a special eventvplanned by one of our very own Crochet Kenya Members, Waithera Kibinda in November. Below are some of the hats we gave out.


We are excited for what awaits us in 2016. 

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