Donations….where are we at?

Recently, Crochet Kenya group members were tallying the number of items we have donated since we started this Community Based Organisation in 2014. We never expected to do so much but with the grace of God, we are here and having blessed man hearts.

These volunteers do marvelous things that wow me and many others around them. Now, there are over 40 volunteers crocheting and some knitting for donation through Crochet Kenya. These women have come up with crazy challenges that would help us hit our targets e.g. 40 hats in 40 days memorizing 40 scriptures. That was the mother of all challenges. Now, we are doing one blanket by joining squares due for donation in June/July at a Nyumba ya Wazee (elderly home) near Nairobi. I think the motivation comes with the satisfaction of donating beautifully crafted items to the sick in hospitals.

It hasn’t been easy, but we all reckon, it has been worth it. So, here are the numbers.

Hats donation;

A total of 1,423 hats donated. the 2016 donations were as follows:

From 2014 to Dec 2015 we had donated 1,206 hats. Then in 2016, donations increased when we decided to go into the counties. Kisumu hospice – 48 hats; Nakuru hospice – 45 hats; Moi Referral Hospital Eldoret – 55 hats; Kitui General hospital – 40 hats.

Then, the group decided to also bless a church in South ‘C’ of homeless people with another 39 hats, bringing the total donations of hats thus far to 1,423!

Like that was enough, we were approached by a beautiful team of two ladies that were planning a Project Baby Shower event targeting first-time mothers who have all the questions regarding childbirth and life after childbirth. To this event, and because we love children, we donated another 22 baby hats to the mothers-to-be. So, total donations now stand at 1,445.


You know we like to make women feel pretty. Crochet Kenya had pledged to give during the Endometriosis Foundation during their awareness month (March) 50 yellow hairpins. Another 150 hairpins were donated to participants of Stories of Courage event held in 2015 and 2016 bringing the total donation of hairpins by Crochet Kenya to 200 hairpins for good causes.

What next?

Now, we plan to donate to a foundation that supports kids with Cerebral Palsy in Nairobi. We also plan on doing about 50 hats for the kids. And in addition, we currently making blankets for the elderly at the Nyumba ya Wazee. More details on the donation initiative will be shared onto our Facebook wall and Instagram page.

New Shop!

And, we opened a new shop in Juanco area, near Ngong town at Lube Sill Centre, Shop B4. We are totally excited by this great move and now are planning to expand the business more as a strategy of making finances that we need for the donation initiative. Please visit our shop at Lube Sill Centre; or by visiting our Facebook page and making orders or our Instagram page.


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