As a group, we made a collective commitment to make blankets, scarves, preemie wear, children’s sweaters, dresses, onesies and hats for all ages for donating in February 2021 to Kisumu Hospice, New Life Children’s Home Kisumu and Wema Centre in Mombasa.

Well, we have done it. This past weekend, we were putting together the items that we are ready to donate and cannot contain our joy of what we have made.

The donations are slated within the month. We have followed all COVID 19 rules and ensured that all the items were washed, or sanitized and laid out in the sun to kill all germs.

We still have a few days to go before the donation so, if you are still interested in sending in items, you are most welcome to do so.

This will be our first donation drive for the year especially after such a bursting 2020 of donation goodies in various institutions and we are very excited to start off our year of giving with such beauties.

If you would like to donate something through us contact us on or Tel +254 112453467